Textual editing

I offer two levels of textual editing: proofreading and copy editing.

Proofreading is a basic check for spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is recommended for texts that already have a very high level of English, and/or that have already been through one or more copy-editing phases.

Copy editing is a more thorough and involved level of editing. I will read the text through twice, checking for consistency and readability on top of general proofreading. Where the readability, flow or understanding could be improved by a different word choice or by re-ordering some of the text, I will do this. I will also perform a basic fact check using Wikipedia (e.g. checking that the correct dates are given for historical events), as well as checking any specialist vocabulary and names of people, places and organizations.

Where your text contains in-line references, I will check these against your bibliography or reference list. If required, I will also go through the reference list itself, checking that it is consistent with your required style (e.g. API, CMS etc). For an extra charge, I will look up all references online to ensure that all details such as author names, dates, page numbers and publishing details are complete and correct.

Copy editing is recommended for the majority of texts, including the following:

  • Any texts written by non-native English speakers
  • Texts on academic or technical subjects
  • Texts containing multiple quotes and/or references
  • Texts in which a high level of accuracy is important
  • Any text intended for self-publication.

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Formatting service

In addition to proofreading and copy editing, I also offer a formatting service. This can be undertaken either together with or separately from proofreading or copy editing (a discount is offered to clients who require both at the same time).

Formatting is highly recommended for anyone looking to self-publish their work, whether in ebook or print format (or both!). I will provide you with a professional-looking, ready-to-upload file, complete with appropriate sizing and margins, table of contents, chapter headers/footers, and extras such as an index if required.

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Other services

Ready to self-publish your book, but not sure how? I offer a consultation in which I can walk you through the process. Consultations can be in person (clients local to Southampton only) or online via webcam (all clients).

Have a handwritten manuscript? Send it to me for typesetting – this can be combined with proofreading/copy editing and formatting to provide you with a publishing-ready document with minimum hassle.

For students with a deadline fast approaching, I offer printing and basic comb binding of your dissertation or thesis, which will then be sent to you by first class post, ready for submission.

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