Prices and T&Cs



Proofreading and copy editing


I operate a dual pricing structure, depending on the length of your text. For short texts (under 8,000 words) I charge per 100 words. For longer texts (8,000 words and over) I apply an hourly rate. However, I will always provide you with a quote before I start work, so you will never pay more than you were expecting.

Per-word rate (documents under 8,000 words)


(see definition)

Copy editing

(see definition)

Standard (turnover up to 7 days)

£0.40 per 100 words

£0.65 per 100 words

Express-48 (turnover within 48 hours)

£0.60 per 100 words

£0.85 per 100 words

Express-24 (turnover within 24 hours)

£0.70 per 100 words

£1.00 per 100 words

Reference check

In-line references will be checked against the bibliography/reference list at no extra charge.

Include your reference list in your word count to have it checked against your required style (e.g. APA, CMS etc).

If you require me to look up each reference to check details such as author names, dates and page numbers, the cost for this is £0.10 per reference.

Hourly rate

The hourly rate for all my services is £11/hour. Proofreading takes less time than copy editing and so will work out cheaper. A text that requires heavy editing – such as one translated from another language – or one containing a large number of references will take longer and cost more than one with less work required.

Please send a sample from your text to for a personalized quote.



Formatting and layout

The cost of formatting your text and laying it out in preparation for publishing/submission is £11/hour. For a personalized quote, please send your complete document, together with details of any special requirements (e.g. creating an index), to


***Special Offer***

Get your work copy edited and formatted at the same time and receive 50% off the cost of the formatting!


Other services

Publishing consultation (face to face): £20 + travel costs.

Publishing consultation (webcam): £15.

Typesetting: £11/hour; please contact me for a quote.

Dissertation printing and comb binding: £1 per page + £5 (includes first class p&p).

Terms and conditions

When you instruct me to carry out a piece of proofreading or editing, you are entering into a contract with me and agreeing to pay me the amount detailed on the invoice by the time agreed (usually within two weeks of the invoice date). In return, I will undertake to complete the work within the agreed timeframe and for the price quoted, except in extenuating circumstances (see below) which will be communicated in advance to you insofar as this is possible.

‘Extenuating circumstances’ refers to a situation in which I am physically unable to complete the work within the agreed timeframe due to circumstances which are unforeseen and outside my control, such as illness, bereavement, technological breakdown etc. In such a case, I commit to make every effort to communicate this to you the client, and to offer a refund or reduction in rate as appropriate. In this situation you will also have the right to cancel the contract.

All services are subject to availability. When you request a quote, I will advise you if the service you require is unavailable due to high demand, and offer you an alternative where practicable. Express-24 and Express-48 services in particular may be unavailable during busy periods.

When sending me a sample of your text for me to proofread or edit free from charge in order to obtain a quote, you are responsible for ensuring that this sample is representative of the whole of your text. In the case of a discrepancy between the sample and the text as a whole that results in the text taking significantly longer to edit than I had estimated based upon the sample, I reserve the right to amend my quote accordingly, and will communicate this to you at the earliest opportunity. If the amended quote is not acceptable to you the client, you have the right to cancel; however in this circumstance I reserve the right to charge you for the portion of the work which I have already completed.

When contacting me to make enquiries or sending a sample of your text for me to proofread as a free-of-charge sample, no contract has been entered into at this stage, and I will keep no record of your personal details. However, when as a new client you instruct me to carry out a piece of paid work, thereby entering into a contract, I will ask you to provide your personal details (full name, address and contact number), which I will keep in my records and ask you to confirm periodically when you instruct me to carry out further work for you in the future. I will not pass these details on to any third party or use them for any purpose other than to contact you regarding the work you have instructed me to carry out. Nor will I share any texts you send to me with any third party or use them for any purpose other than that for which you have instructed me, without your prior consent.

By commissioning me to undertake proofreading or editing work for you, you are confirming that you accept the terms and conditions as laid out above. You are also confirming that you have ownership, copyright or publishing rights over the text you are submitting. In the case of students, it is your responsibility to verify that having your work professionally proofread is not in violation of any of the regulations or codes of conduct of your specific university or academic institution.