Services for Students

I have been proofreading essays for students since my own student days; in fact, one of my former housemates (now an English tutor) still credits me with teaching her how to correctly use a semicolon! When I started my proofreading business, my first clients were students, and this remains a key part of what I do today.


If you're doing a degree or a diploma, the chances are you already know your subject well, have done your research, and have produced an informative piece of writing. The problem that many students encounter, however, is that mistakes with grammar, punctuation, spelling or poor phrasing can come between you and your reader, preventing your information from being put across effectively, and resulting in a lower mark.


If you are an international student, writing in English when it is not your native language, this can be even more of a problem. No matter how fluent your English is, if you have not grown up speaking it as your first language, there will always be subtle differences in expression and turns of phrase which are not quite the same as how a native speaker would use the language, and this can be another barrier between writer and reader.


This is where I can help. I have experience of proofreading for both British and international students, at bachelor's and master's degree levels and across various disciplines. I can correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, rearrange the order of words and phrases to improve clarity or to strengthen your composition, and make suggestions for rephrasing any parts that need it (although I can't rewrite sections of your essay for you, as this is against university rules). I can also pick up on any inconsistencies in your argument, and make sure that your bibliography and references are correctly formatted.


My service is personalised to you, and I want to help you to improve your writing standard. Therefore, if I see that you're repeating the same mistakes, I'll add notes to explain the language rules and how to apply them in the future. This can be particularly helpful for non-native English speakers. I hold a qualification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), so I am able to help you improve your English in the long term as well as improving your essay in the short term.


On top of all this, my student prices remain very competitive, starting at just 45p per 100 words, and I also offer an express 48-hour or 24-hour service for when deadlines are tight. Please click here for more information about how my service works, and contact me for a free no-obligation quote or to request a free sample of my work..