Services for Authors

In the era of the ebook, it's getting increasingly easy for authors to self-publish their work, and more and more authors are choosing this option. The advantages of ebooks are many - there's little expense or risk involved in self-publishing this way, and it eliminates the time-consuming and often disheartening process of approaching publisher after publisher with your handiwork.


Your text will still need editing before publication, however, and you're likely to be wanting a thorough and professional job with as little outlay as possible. This is where I can come in. I offer a very reasonable rate, and will agree a quote with you before starting, so that you know exactly what it will cost. I have experience in editing texts for ebook format, and as well as editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar, coherence and consistency, I am also able to set up and format your index page and hyperlinks, if required, and to ensure that your format will also work with tablet devices.


Please click here for more information about how my service works, and contact me for a free no-obligation quote.